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Advanced Diabetes Management Center

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Why Ezcure Clinic?

reverse diabetes naturally

Meet in person with Expert diabetes reversal Professionals.

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Get personalised diabetes care; get rid of all your queries.

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Know deeply about cause and effect connectors for diabetes.

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Focused diabetes care for patients requiring special attention.

Benefits of Clinic Consultation

Get instant expert advice and care on your type 2 diabetes condition and care for diabetic complications. Get a personalized health report.
Meet a diabetologist, nutritionist, or diabetic educator on the same visit. You will not get all of them in one place. It Saves huge time and money.
Get expert diet advice on your daily intakes. Also, know the changes required to free you from diabetic medications. Prevent the complications and adopt healthy dietary habits with time tasted advice of a certified nutritionist. Get a personalized diet chart.
When you visit the clinic, Get priceless knowledge on how to follow your diet plan, and where to get the food items and recipes.
Visit our diabetic diet store right at the clinic; This way you get direct access to the required food items on your diet chart at the same place. Also, get attractive offers on each item.
Enrol in our globally recognized and scientifically built three/Six or twelve-month-long "type 2 diabetes reversal programs" designed by diabetic experts.

Don’t just be ONLY Anti-diabetic medications. Risk is High!

The number of people with diabetes rose from 108 million in 1980 to 422 million in 2014 .

Prevalence has been rising more rapidly in low- and middle-income countries than in high-income countries.

Source: WHO - 16 September 2022

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Between 2000 and 2019, there was a 3% increase in diabetes mortality rates by age.

WHO - 15 September 2022

Our expert team waiting for you to meet at our Ezcure Clinic

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Dt. Harita Adhvayu

DNHE, Diabetes Educator  

5+ Years of Experience


Dt. Janki Patel

Bsc In Foods and Nutrition, 5 years of experience  


Dr.Nitin Butani

MBBS, MD (Emergency Medicine)


Dr. Harshida harshad Gohel


18+ Years of Experience


Rahul Bisht

Yoga Therapist, 5+ years of experience  



Strength Trainer, 5+ years experience  

Revolutionary Type 2 diabetes
care plans
with proven testimonials

Revolutionary diabetes reversal care plans with proven testimonials

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endocrinologist in ahmedabad
endocrinologist in ahmedabad
endocrinologist in ahmedabad
endocrinologist in ahmedabad
endocrinologist in ahmedabad

Benefits of Clinic Consultation

Everyday improve your food habits.
Know the whole lot about healthy eating, portion sizes and timings.
Curb your stress levels
Get more flexible
Enjoy gush of vibrant energies
Know your vitals
Check your progress
Keep an eye on every aspects of reversal
Get in touch with the world of Ezcure
Get updates, reminders, motivations and more
Validate and reinforce your knowledge and motivation.
Know real life testimonials
Stay motivated
Boost your trust
Model their success
Get personalized attention
24/7 Solve all your queries

Involves body measurement, biochemical, Clinical and Dietary Assessment of the patient, Case study & Evaluation of the Lab Reports and Goal setting for First 4 Weeks.


Submit your latest lab test reports for assessment and evaluation

Nutrition consult :

First nutrition consultation with a weekly diet chart will be provided starting with preliminary changes by your assigned Reversal expert i.e a qualified Dietician. Your second consultation call will be conducted after the 2nd week with the Reversal expert for reviewing the initial progress.

Yoga Therapy :

Monday-Saturday Yoga Therapy sessions. In these initial weeks, the yoga therapist will guide you towards loosening your joints and stretching for your swift transition along with weekly meditation session.

Doctor consult :

Your 1st Doctor consultation at the end of the 4th week after the doctor receives your complete compiled health assessment report for the 1st month from the assigned Dietician.

Outcomes to Expect:
  • Reduced Blood sugar level
  • Feeling Light & Active
  • Goal Weight Loss

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Get complete Body Composition Analysis & Detailed Diet Chart in your first consultation.

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